Night Mayor

Night Mayor

| 13 min

This short Guy Maddin film tells the story of inventor Nihad Ademi, who harnesses the power of the aurora borealis in Winnipeg in 1939. Ademi uses this power to broadcast images of Canada to its own citizens from coast to coast, but in the process angers he the government.

Ce film traite d'un sujet controversé. Pour un public averti.

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  • écriture
    Guy Maddin
  • monteur
    John Gurdebeke
  • directeur de la photographie
    Benjamin Kasulke
  • conception visuelle
    Richardo Alms
  • conception des costumes
    Heather Neale
  • None
    Jason Staczek
    Nihad Ademi
    Mike Bell
    Timna Ben Ari
    Darcy Fehr
    Audrey Neale
    Brent Neale
    Shalini Sharma
    Howard Rissen
    Laurence Mardon
    Chad Giesbrecht
    Bill Sinosich
    Jeff Bruyere
    Brianne Lewin
    Ron Hodgson
    Michael Kelly
    Michael Kelly
    Terence Fuller
    Marcel Murdock
    Aaron Zeghers
    Skelley Blackley
    Harlan Bruyere
    Thesa Pakarnyk
    The Tallest Poppy
    Caelum Vatnsdal
    PS Production Services
    PS Production Services
    Midcanada Productions Services
  • producteur
    Joe MacDonald
    Lindsay Hamel
  • producteur exécutif
    Derek Mazur
  • réalisateur
    Guy Maddin
  • narration
    Nihad Ademi
    Jenny Redzetodic
    Darcy Fehr
  • gérant de production
    Lindsay Hamel
  • 1er assistant à la réalisation
    Brad Crawford
  • consultant au récit
    George Toles
  • superviseur de production
    Scott Collins
  • coordonnateur de production
    Rolande Petit
  • administrateur de programme
    Cyndi Forcand
  • agent, marketing
    Leslie Stafford
  • conception sonore
    John Gurdebeke
  • preneur de son
    Michel Germain
  • monteur en ligne
    John Gurdebeke
  • décorateur
    Chad Giesbrecht
  • préparation des décors
    Shira Newman
    Nan McIlroy
    Elizabeth Reynolds
  • maquilleur
    Brianne Lewin
  • 1er assistant caméraman
    Ryan McGregor
  • machiniste de plateau
    Marcel Murdock
  • couturière
    Iris Lauzon
  • chef constructeur
    Rob Reynolds
  • cantinier
    Tammy Byers
  • premiers soins
    Tammy Byers
  • photographe - studio
    Rebecca Sandulak
  • assistant de production
    Jonah Nepon
    Melissa Addaway
    Scott Fitzpatrick

  • farmer77

    Excellent Film

    farmer77, 5 Aoû 2019
  • IanTimothy

    superb imagination ~ the creativity is just wonderful

    IanTimothy, 18 Avr 2013
  • dfposey

    This is a very...different film. Maddin used lighting very well and his quick shots weren't very hard to follow.

    dfposey, 18 Sep 2012
  • mattblais

    i'd say complete genius

    mattblais, 30 Jan 2012
  • RussP

    Guy Maddin is either certifiable, or a complete genius. In a 100 years time, they will count this very strange film maker as a genius. Come join us on the beach at Gimli to watch one of his films. That has to be one of the most unique things on the planet.

    RussP, 15 Avr 2010