Family: A Loving Look at CBC Radio

Family: A Loving Look at CBC Radio


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Family offers a candid look at CBC Radio in action and the unique cast of characters who make up Canada's coast-to-coast radio family. The film brings home the enormous complexity of producing across six time zones, with the mandate to deliver quality programs, often live, throughout the country. Accomplished filmmaker Donald Brittain was able to capture critical moments of live radio in progress and documents the history and development of CBC Radio.

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  • réalisateur
    Donald Brittain
    Robert Duncan
  • producteur
    Adam Symansky
  • producteur exécutif
    Dennis Murphy
    Colin Neale
  • scénario
    Robert Duncan
  • narrateur
    Robert Duncan
  • cinématographie
    Kent Nason
    Barry Perles
  • son
    Hans Oomes
    Jacques Drouin
  • montage
    Janice Brown
  • montage sonore
    Les Halman
    Don Ayer
  • musique
    Gary Sill

  • Patrick

    God bless the CBC

    Patrick, 30 Mai 2021