Canaries to Clydesdales

Canaries to Clydesdales

| 27 min

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This documentary follows two country veterinarians through their daily rounds, from sterile clinic to farm paddock. Thirty thousand miles of house calls a year is routine for doctors Vic Demetrick and Reg Maidment, whose patients include just about any creature that hops, trots, swims or flies.

Ce film traite d'un sujet controversé. Pour public averti.

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  • réalisateur
    Eugene Boyko
  • photographie
    Eugene Boyko
  • producteur
    John Taylor
  • son
    Bev Davidson
  • montage
    George Johnson
  • ré-enregistrement
    Barry P. Jones

  • djone110

    When I got my BlackBerry Playbook it of course came with software added that I had no interest. But it also had an NFB app where I found this wonderful film. Thanks to all that were responsible for me discovering the NFB app!

    djone110, 31 Jan 2012